The Red High Heel Project


red-high-heel-shoes-natalie-kinnearFinal Project:

           In Foundations in our colab class, we were assigned our last final project! Our task was to do research on a certain artist we were assigned and see how we could collaborate our ideas with this certain artist.

              Once we picked an artist, we had to take their idea and twist it into our own. We had to incorporate some sort of sewing our stitchery into the project such as, knitting, crocheting, embroidery etc.

So, here is how my idea started………

My Artist : Lenka Clayton

        Who is she? She’s a British-American conceptual artist. I really like her work because it really makes you think and wonder, plus in a way she does some risky things and then documents them for her art work.  I feel that most of her work is experimental, but some of her work can be very touching in a way…

One of her works consist of planning to write personal letters to everyone in the world. Which in my opinion, I think it seems impossible but would be very interesting if she could do so. So far, her and her partner Michael Crowe have already handwritten 2,700 letters. They did this in the residents of Cushendall (a small town in the Northern Irish Seaside.)

 She explains that the letters were written in a friendly tone and they made some jokes here and there. Most of the letters talked about weather and people’s favorite T.V. shows. I’m pretty sure these letters were meant for people to wonder and interact with one another hoping they would talk to eachother and say “did you get that letter too? What did your’s say? Whos Michael and Lenka?”

Here are some of her letters…









My Project: The Red High Heels (Inspired by Lenka Clayton)

For my final project, I was inspired by Lenka’s Mysterious Letters and thought that I really wanted to do something that would reach out to people and make them feel something.

Then I had this idea of making small objects to send through the mail (in this case I chose key chains.) Then I kept thinking of what type of group of people I wanted to convey a message to.

My Idea:

I then processed some ideas in my head and came up with a solution. I wrote personal handwritten letters to 10 women in my life whom have inspired me and who have also helped me gain confidence in myself. I feel as if women need to start empowering one another and start giving eachother compliments more because it helps with our confidence.

I then thought of an object that I could make into a keychain that would symbolize this idea of “confidence in oneself.” So I decided to make red high heel keychains because in my words “Every woman is confident while wearing red high heels.”

IMG_7050(Here is an upclose image of the keychains I made.)

I really wanted to keep this idea flowing, so I gave each woman 2 keychains so she could also pass the other one on to another woman who has had a positive impact on their life.

IMG_7049IMG_7048(I ended up hand sewing 20 keychains )

(In the process of making the shoes.)



I sent out 20 keychains and 10 letters to the women. My letter said…


“These are two key chains of red high heels which resemble a sign of confidence. Thank you for being an inspiration and for helping me gain confidence in myself. As women, I believe we need to start empowering one another. Please keep a keychain for yourself and give the other one to a woman who empowers you and to whom also brings out the best in you. All I ask is for you to take a picture of yourself with the keychain and please send it to me…”


I didn’t receive all 10 pictures yet but still have some to show…





IMG_7021IMG_7022    IMG_7023


It was so nice receiving these photos from everyone. They were really happy and touched by my letters and thought the keychains were a special way to be reminded of confidence.

I used these photos and made an instagram account for my project. Underneath each photo I put a caption of the person’s reaction to receiving my gift. Many of these women said it made their day and it even made one of my aunts cry (oops!) but i’m really glad they felt some sort of emotion to my project and i’m still currently waiting for a few more reactions 🙂




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