The Line and Our Comfort Zone : Final Project


So now the first block is over. It’s all bittersweet and I’ve definitely gained so much knowledge from the Line project we’ve been exploring these past few months.  I really appreciate all that I’ve learned from the line and the fact that I’m growing as an artist and as an adult. I’ll for sure always remember this part of freshman foundations and the tedious work we were required to do for the line. But in the end, I really understand the meaning of the line. I’ve come to a conclusion that the Line is suppose to get us out of our comfort zone and help us find new influences. With that idea, I found inspiration…

The Final Project:

Astrid, Chessy and I teamed up and we came up with this concept of how the line makes us feel uncomfortable and makes us break out of our shell. We also realized that the objects in nature can relate to the human body. We collaborated our ideas and came up with a project that would relay a meaningful message. We decided to walk the Line in the nude. We thought this would be a risky idea because we are all uncomfortable with our bodies just like how the Line makes us feel.

So we did it! We walked the Line in our birthday suits (thank goodness our part of the line was deep in the woods.)

We then documented our experience with a video and photos but realized that wasn’t good enough. We wanted more meaning behind the fact of us showing our bodies. This is when we developed a new and improved idea of relating our so called “flaws” to the Line and in nature.

Despite the fact of the pouring rain; we also had a better solution of moving our photo shoot inside. We really wanted our viewers to see and understand our concept more clearly. We took pictures of each other showing off skin and our impurities of our bodies/face.  Then we walked our section of the Line and took more photos of objects in nature to compare to our flaws (as shown below.)

We’re normal girls. We hate our flaws and hate something about our bodies and we always do our best to hide it.

Here we go world…here are my flaws or so called “insecurities”



When I look in the mirror, my nose bothers me the most when it comes to my face. I just hate the way it sticks out and I try to make it look smaller by using makeup tricks. I also recently had my nose pierced and I’ve developed a real nasty piercing bump on my nose and it bothers me so much! I found fungus on a tree and that relates to the idea of something growing on a place where it shouldn’t be (relating back to my piercing bump.) I also found a bump on a tree to relate to the fact that I hate how much my nose sticks out.



I have a petite body type and I have zero curves. I feel like I look like a box when I compare myself to curvy girls. I always wanted curves but never developed them due to the fact that I lack space between my ribs and my hip bone. It really frustrates me. On the Line, I took photos of trees that were really straight and had no curvy shapes to them. This relates back to my body type.




My breasts are pancakes! It bothers me so much. Every time I wear a t-shirt, I feel like a boy. I feel as if I don’t look feminine enough due to the fact that my boobs are so small.  I found items in nature that relate to my breasts such as a small snail on a tree, a tiny pinecone and a small next to a big tree (to show that I always compare myself to other girls.)



Even though at times I felt very uncomfortable processing this project, I also have better insight. I feel more confident in myself and after taking those photos with Astrid and Chessy, I also feel that I can accept these flaws I have.

This project also opened new doors for me. I’m starting to fall in love with videography and putting together footage.

but the best part of the experience is doing this project with new friends I’ve made. I’ve learned more about Astrid and Chessy and how we’re alike but different at the same time. They are awesome to work with and they keep me on task. We’ve shared many laughs and memorable moments while documenting and creating this project. We also developed trust in each other and that means so much to me.

(Thanks for being awesome people to work with!)

below is our documentary on this journey:


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