The Word Block Continued…


So parents weekend was wonderful. It was so nice to see my mom and dad. Of course I showed them all my work and I actually had them help me with this project.

Going back to last week, we all had a word and had to explore our word. I had the word “block” and I just walked around campus to find things that represented a block. Well, recently, this project was expanded…

Our task was to walk the line and start three collections that symbolized our word. Now, I had a simple word but it was still difficult because I had such a vague word! I kept my eyes peeled for block formations, for color blocking and pretty much anything that had to do with blocks! With the help from my mom, we walked the entire line and picked up random objects we found.

With those objects I decided to build an actual block (as shown below.) I used sticks as the main structure and then glued the random objects on such as rocks, paper, a glass bottle etc.  I chose to do this to show the simplicity of the word and how you can find any item and turn it into anything you want.


I then had some flashbacks of when I was a kid. I use to love to play with blocks at my grandmas house. I could use my imagination and build anything I wanted. This then inspired me to find rocks that looked like blocks (accidental rhyming). I then painted them the primary colors of RYB to resemble children’s blocks.


As I was walking the line I also noticed how all the buildings are made with blocks and how most things around me had a block structure. So I decided to collect that idea by taking some photos of blocks all around me.

IMG_3359IMG_3360                             IMG_3362        IMG_3380


Instead of just focusing on the “block structure” I also recognized that blocks could be used in color!

for an example…

                                       IMG_2876       IMG_3383     IMG_3416  IMG_3427                                          IMG_3403    IMG_3414

I tried to find types of “color blocking” on the line and took pictures of random signs and logos that represented this idea of blocks of color contrasting one another.


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