Exploring the Line

The Line Really Does Exists!


The line is an imaginary line that is a mile long and cuts through the entire campus at Alfred.  We were all given a section of the line and were handed maps of where we were suppose to go. Some of us had to go explore in buildings, fields, hills, and I was placed smack dab in the middle of the woods.

Now, remember, this line doesn’t actually exist; it changes every year. So we pretty much have to estimate where the line is. Thankfully the map we had was helpful unless you were in the woods (which I was.) It was tricky to get the line right and we had to be very particular in which trees surrounded us.

We went out as a group and we decided to mark some trees with sticky notes so we could start to form an expectation of where the line would be. We eventually walked the entire line and went our separate ways. This is what I documented…


Entrance to the woods

                   IMG_2716         IMG_2710

                          Cool glass bowls I found!                              looks like some ones home

                                                                                   IMG_2686                                                                                Lava rock? Must be a volcano near by!


                             I spy with my little eyes…


                                                                            Neat broken bottle I found

                                 IMG_2727     IMG_2787

                                   Going the right way!                       Creepy tree!

IMG_2801                 IMG_2738

       Squatchy area                                          Found the line!


                                                                                                 Old fuel can

More to come….

                      Stay tuned!!!!



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