Personal Territory Tour



So let me explain the task. In my foundations class at AU we were told to find a personal territory around campus. It had to be a spot that was somewhat secret to us and we had to claim it. Once we picked our spots, we had to make a kit for someone that would eventually lead them to our territories.

We each received someone else’s “guide kit” and had to take their tour to their spot. We all got to pair up with somebody and go on 2 journeys. This is what I documented…


IMG_2453                  IMG_2452

Me and my pair (Sophie) went on our friend Astrid’s tour. She gave us a small sized box with a picture of our destination on it and the Bible (fits in with the theme.) Within the box were directions to this place and pieces of paper with a pen to write with. We pulled out the directions and easily found our way to her territory. We came upon a white pristine church and we were just too anxious to go explore the place. We walked down the isle as we could heard our foot steps eco. It was so quiet and peaceful that you could even hear a pin drop.


  She had the place all set up for us and left us a task. Her goal was to mainly make us feel relaxed, calm and to also self reflect on the church. We laid on the floor, studied the stain glass windows and just took deep breaths to get the scent of the church in our noses. We then wrote our thoughts down on a piece of paper about the church and were told to write our own poem. We decided to have some fun with it and just wrote down Hozier’s lyrics to “Take me to Church” because that was what came into our minds first. IMG_2454





So Chesca’s tour was different than Astrid’s. Lets start by the fact that she used a bindle (as shown at the top of the page) as the tour kit instead of a box. It was fun to carry around as people gave us strange looks. But props to her because it was very creative yet amusing. 🙂

Chesca’s secret spot was easy to navigate to. She lead us to an abandoned building on campus.  Approaching the building was hard, due to the fact that it was very creepy and both gave me and Sophie chills down our spines.  We had to man up and follow her directions anyways. Our task was to sit on the front steps of the building and take in the smell of rotting wood and dead leaves. You could feel cold air spilling out of the crack of the doors. It gave us a feeling as if someone were watching us from behind.


Chesca also had a theme going on and had us listen to a song called “Haunted House” by Oh Hello. It just made the tour a whole lot creepier which was probably what she was going for. We were also told to sketch a monster or ghost that we think could live in the building. It was fun to use our imaginations. She also had pictures for us of the interior space of the building with facts on the back. It was pretty interesting to read all of them.

4724889708_94ae3210e6_b                d7e2333c2d7c696ae7ddf5c730bd21ab

Thank you Astrid and Francesca! We had fun on your personal territory tours! 🙂


IMG_2281              IMG_2277

I have to admit; this was a pretty tough project but I had fun with it! I mean who doesn’t want to walk around and explore new places? I pretty much had to hike all around town to look for a secret spot. I found a bunch of places but it took awhile to find the right one. I came across a cool treehouse in the woods but realized that it was just a bit too far. I also came across some tunnels and alleyways but neither of those spots felt like “me”. Then I realized I had to explore just a bit harder. I ended up going in Repo to check out the place because I wanted to see what it was all about. I found a back opening and that’s when I saw the red bench and knew that this place could be my spot. It’s hidden, quiet and screamed “secret spot”. I sat on the bench and just observed all the nature around me. It symbolizes peace and quiet because I could finally hear myself think. It’s a good place to have some time alone so I can reflect on the days.

11953020_883166011718808_2909829870348240226_n      IMG_2393

This is my tool kit. I made the flowers out of paper and I used some fun highlighters because why not make it fun and colorful? On the inside are instructions of what activities to do once at my spot. Some of the activities are quite amusing such as eating Warheads and taking a picture of your “sour face”. I tried to make the activities fun and a bit challenging. I also put in a map to get the person from point A to point B. I stuck some pictures in there as well. The pictures are of different landmarks and locations I took while on the journey.


These are some pictures I took while roaming to my spot. I thought they were important because it’s about the journey not the destination (but in this case it’s about both!)


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